My new love – – my ExpoDisc!!

If you want to see photographers running and screaming in fear just shout “white balance!!”  How can two little words cause such anxiety and apprehension among a highly educated and trained group of professionals?  I really can’t answer that for you but I do have the solution that will give you back countless hours so you can maybe get to bed before 1 a.m., spend some time with your family, or call me crazy . . .but spend more time shooting than editing.

To look at this crazy little circle one would think it’s just another gadget created to make money off of photographers.  (I think there is a black hole somewhere that has sucked up more of my money on than I care to count.) But once I tried it I was amazed.  With just a few clicks I was able to set my white balance perfectly in camera so that once I pulled it up in my editing software I knew that I had the perfect foundation.


Because a picture is worth a thousand words let me just show you instead of telling you.  (Oh, and please don’t tell my 6 year old that while she was in school I let my 3 year old wear her clothes and lay on her bed!!)  All of these images were shot with the exact same settings; 50 mm lens, f2.2, 1/500, iso 800.  Oh, and I didn’t edit any of these pictures – they are are SOOC.


I wanted to also take a picture with a grey card to show you the ExpoDisc difference but I gave my grey card away when I got my ExpoDisc.  The grey card got me closer but since it’s flat and people are three dimensional it didn’t get me as spot on as the ExpoDisc does.

You may look at her skin in the ExpoDisc image and not think it looks right – – but that is her skin!!  There are days when I find myself looking at her and think “oh, your white balance looks off” . . . on those same days I try to give her extra broccoli and strawberries too . . . but anyway, are you impressed yet?  I know I’ve talked a/b photographers a lot in this post, but as a photography enthusiast  who doesn’t edit pictures think of how much better your images will be!

Ok, so I’m going to leave you with one final image – – this was her reward for sitting (kind of) still for me for a few minutes.


That’s it – – don’t forget to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win one.  But don’t worry, if you don’t win the ExpoDisc, my friends at ExpoImaging have set up a discount code for you though the end of the month!!

Code – JULIEK20
Discount – 20% of all ExpoImaging Products
Expires – May 1st, 2013
Note – Cannot be combined with any other discounts and cannot be applied to bundles or clearance items.
Good luck!



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