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I’m sure you’ve heard it said a hundred times by now . . . newborn photo sessions occur within the first 2 weeks of a baby’s life.  Why the narrow timeframe?  Well, a few reasons, babies typically “wake up” right around the two week mark. Up until then they pretty much just sleep and eat!  With that schedule, it makes it really easy to get the traditional posed newborn type photos that you see all over my blog.  Also, up until that two week point newborns are still very flexible and are really comfortable being gently molded into sweet pose after pose.  And don’t let me forget about newborn skin!  While newborns can often be red or jaundiced those features can be reduced with the power of photoshop.  After the 2 week mark, newborns often get significant rashes, blemishes etc.  While these can also be reduced via photoshop it’s definitely harder to create that smooth, fresh natural newborn complexion.

Why am I telling you all of that?  Well, I’ve had a handful of clients email and say “I know you only photograph 2 week olds, but my baby is 6 weeks now and I’m wondering if you would still photograph him/her”.  The answer is “of course!!”.  Just because the ideal time is less than 14 days doesn’t mean I won’t or can’t photograph your baby if he/she is beyond that “ideal” window.

While your session flow may be different than it was if your little one was super new, I have been doing this for a very long time and I can work with babies of any age.  We may not get all the same poses but I can still create a very full, very adorable gallery for you!

So . . . I just wanted to go on record saying bring me your babies!  Whether they are 6 days, 16 days or 6 weeks I can still create a beautiful gallery of timeless images for you to cherish for years to come.

So, if you have bothered to read all this and are either expecting or already snuggling your little one, please CONTACT ME to learn more about a session with me!  I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

And that brings me to Baby R.  He was 6 weeks at the time of our session.  His mom had wanted to get his pictures taken as a newborn but with being born right before Christmas it just didn’t happen.  I’m so glad that she didn’t just think it was too late . . . he will never be as small as he was on the day of our session and his mom now has these images to remember when he’s taller than she is!

mom holding baby boy in the snow close up of mom and newborn boy in snow awake newborn boy in chair 6 week old boy 6 week old boy sleeping newborn boy sleeping on blue blanket


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Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer

This sweet newborn baby girl was a perfect baby for her newborn photography session.  As a mother of four, whose youngest just went off to Kindergarten this fall, I can't stress just how important it is to capture these images when they are so young.  It is such a...

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